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SPARTACUS: the ideal solution to a wide variety of business...

Spartacus I laser cutting machine provides innovative production with a high degree of accuracy, flexibility, and quality, all at a very affordable price.
It is a CO2 Laser machine equipped with a CO2 - 50, 100, 200 or 400 W Laser source, liquid cooled (integrated closed loop chiller), and a galvanometric laser head (or scan head) that provides an extremely fast working speed (up to 2000 mm/s), thus achieving a high level of productivity. The Spartacus I is able to work many types of materials such as wood, paper, textiles, anodized aluminum, non-toxic polymers, plexiglass, leather, etc. and, for this reason, it is the ideal machine both for the Textile Market (with a work area of 300x300 mm or 380x380mm) and for the Trophy Market (with a work area of 140x140 mm). Ideal for leather cutting, leather marking, leather engraving, jeans engraving, jeans marking, stencil marking, wood laser cutting, wood laser marking, wood laser engraving, fabric laser cutting, fabric laser marking, fabric and films laser cutting, etc.


The Spartacus I has a compact all-in-one design that defines a Class 1 enclosure that is very safe and it is suitable to be used also in the smallest shop or workshop. The fumes suction system of the machine may be connected to any type of external free-standing fumes suction unit, upon request also with air purification system. The Focuscut III software for laser cutting, supplied with the galvanometric laser machine, allows easy changes of the working parameters, such as laser power and laser speed, to obtain optimum performance and marking quality. The distance between the work table and the galvanometric head may be changed very easily so the Spartacus I is able to marking several types of products regardless of their height or thickness.

The machine is PC controlled by means of a interface card supplied with the software for laser cutting.

Principali caratteristiche

► Ultra-compact designed;

► Easy to use with software FocusCutIII ;

► Able to work on different kind of materials;

► Available in differents versions (140x140 mm, 200x200mm, 300x300 mm, 380x380mm or 400x400mm);

► Usable in differents purposes (textile, food market, trophy market..)

► Hight-tech electronics components and software ;

► Z axis;

► CE Certify;

► Manual instruction and software multylanguage. 

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