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FIBRE MARKER: marking machines for metals and more...

In this page we have the pleasure to explain you our new machine FIBRE MARKER the new laser marking for metals, plastics and others materials. Powered by a Diode Pumped Nd Laser and the advantages can be reassumed in a wide range of materials to be used plus a bigger pulsed power even if joined with a lower declared power.

Fibre Marker was made in collaboration with:


The maximum working area of 180x360mm allows you to enlarge your productionentering in newfields: starting from “trophy market” till “industrial marking”, from “tools” till “fashion accessories” .

This machine have the dimension of laser beam(spot) extremely thin allows you very itemized jobs in particular also onto small pieces and a laser inclination (perpendicular) over the complete working area maitains a costant marking onto the whole working surface.

To create designs please use PROEL standard FOCUSCUT III software that allow you to work easy importing both image sand the most common vectorial files. It is also able to automatically transform the photos in raster files ready to be marked.


IMPORTANT NOTE:as increasingly required from the market , FIBRE MARKER is also ables to mark automatically codes, sequence of numbers, dates, bar codes and any other two-dimensional codes. 

Main Features

► Extremely compact design to save space

► Easy to use through our standard FOCUSCUT III software

► Diode Pumped Nd

► Declared power 6 W

► Maximum peak power 12 Kw ( 12.000 Watt)

► 2 available working area:mm 180x180 mmormm180x360mm

► Red laser pointer

► Special Slide System to swap working areas and templates

► Supplied with an adjustable working area frame that allow to work with material till 10 cm thickness

► EC certification

► Manual instruction and software multylanguage.